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Security Checks

• Check fraud is growing
    at 25% per year.

• Are your checks secure?

• Call Data Depot Inc
   and order your secure checks before its too late!

Have You Looked Closely At Your Secure Business Documents? Security Checks are a Good Idea!

STOP FRAUD! Security Checks are a good idea! With the growing risk of fraud, it is increasingly important to protect your checks and other legal documents. You can fulfill the requirements of showing “ordinary care” and “due diligence” according to the Uniform Commercial Code with a full-range of covert (hidden) and overt (visible) security features.

Counterfeiting of business documents is nothing new. What is relatively new are the advances in personal computer, color copier and scanner technologies that enable counterfeiters to reproduce documents more easily and with higher quality. No security feature can eliminate fraud. Rather, security measures are designed to make it more difficult to commit fraud and to discourage criminals from targeting your documents.

Document security can provide deterrence, prevention and authentication, which will minimize the risk of having your checks and business documents tampered with or duplicated. Most negotiable and valuable documents are targets for counterfeiters and forgers. Protect more than just your checks by including security features on gift certificates, membership cards, tickets, warranties, Titles of Ownership, prescription pads and any other valuable or negotiable document.

Wide varieties of security features are available and more are continually being developed to protect documents. These features can protect against chemical alteration, photocopying, cut and paste, toner removal and other clever alteration techniques used by criminals. The bottom layer of any secured document should always be quality security paper. Varieties of papers are available containing basic protection to an arsenal of security features to help provide today’s business environment with better document safeguards.

Security papers can offer basic features such as optical properties, invisible fibers, various chemical reactives and toner anchorage. Papers with more advanced features may include visible fibers, a larger variety of chemical reactives and true fourdrinier watermarks to name a few.

Once the paper has been chosen, you may add a variety of additional security features. Some features are easily seen while others are invisible except under ultraviolet light.
Available features include:

• Fluorescent Inks – “Invisible” ink that can only be seen under an ultraviolet light and cannot be duplicated on a color copier.

• Micro Printing – Very small type that is readable under simple magnification and becomes a solid line when copied or scanned. Micro printing is commonly used for signature lines or borders. The MP symbol is used to indicate where micro printing is present.

• Toner Adhesion – Prevents the removal of laser applied information from checks and documents by the use of tape.

• Bleed-Through MICR and Arabic Numbering – Aniline dye soaks into the paper fibers and “bleeds through” to the back of the paper in red ink, making it visible on the back of the document.

Rainbow Numbering – Appears as a combination of red and blue on the face of the document.

• Thermochromic Ink – Heat sensitive ink that changes color when exposed to heat. A spot designed into a check or document will change color when held between thumb and finger.

• Custom Artificial Watermark – A custom artificial watermark can be printed on the back of your check or document in white opaque ink and viewed when held at an angle.

• Holographic Foil Icon – Company logo or other icon fused to the paper using a patterned metallic foil.

• Prismatic Pantograph – A multi-color background in which two or more colors create a gradient effect, change density and blend with each other, making it difficult to reproduce accurately on a color copier.

• Erasol Inks – Softer finish ink that will become tamper evident when erased.

• Latent Images – Printed hidden images behind intricate designs not easily detectable with the human eye and difficult to copy.

Holograms – Three-dimensional metallic image stamped on the paper.

• Diagonal Dimensional Backers – Different spacing of diagonal lines used as an anti-cut and paste device.

• Audit Control and Modulus Numbering – Sequential numbering with or without mod check digitsequential numbering to verify complete product/package count can include mod check digit routine.
These are just a few of the many security feature options available. Do not take any chances with your documents. It is always better to have more security than you need rather than needing security after you have been a victim of fraud.

SECURITY CHECK FEATURES… deter counterfeiters and forgers! Although it is impossible to prevent document fraud, you can make it more difficult to commit and discourage criminals from targeting your documents.

...are difficult to duplicate! Visible security features such as micro printing, bleed through numbering and true/artificial watermarks offer strong protection against color copying and scanning. For maximum effect, your documents should include several security features.

...enhance the appearance of your documents! The overall image of your company is presented in every printed piece. Intricate pantographs using step and repeat patterns, warning bands and borders not only help secure a document, but also enhance your company’s reputation and professional image. reduce the risk of liability in cases of fraud!
Documents that are easy to copy, reproduce or alter – those without security present – not only make you a target for fraud, but can make you liable for losses!

...are worth the added cost! All of our stock checks include basic security features. However, if it is necessary for your check or other documents to have enhanced security, it is well worth the cost even if it only saves you from fraud once. We can provide whatever level of security you need, often at no additional cost.

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